The Space You Have Always Dreamed Of

133-139 Imlay Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn

Be ahead of the curve!

We have seen it so many times — First there was Soho, followed by Chelsea, Williamsburg, Dumbo,and the Meat Packing District. Artists moved into declining, dilapidated, industrial areas and created exciting, vibrant neighborhoods. Then the wealthy investors moved in.

Now there is Red Hook, an industrial neighborhood that is right now becoming home to artists and will become home to wealthy investors. The signs are all there — the parking lot at Fairway is already over-jammed; the local eateries on the strip in Red Hook serve grass-fed beef.

Usually the pioneers buy in low, wait a few years, and then sell for windfalls. Rarely does a pioneer buy in, renovate, and sell quickly.

We are able and happy to offer you a renovated artist’s dream in Red Hook — an amazing area to create art today and a promising long-term investment.

Three industrial buildings have been combined into one spectacular 13,500 square foot space that is ideal for creating and exhibiting paintings, sculpture, movies, video, music, theater, dance and much, much more.

This property has a legal apartment, an amenity almost unheard of in formerly industrial buildings in Red Hook.

The buildings house multiple workspaces, galleries, offices, bathrooms, living quarters, as well as a cafeteria and communal recreation and outdoor space. There are ceiling heights of 14 feet, multiple skylights, fully updated plumbing and electrical, and a large flat roof just begging for a deck to enjoy the view of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan skyline, New York Harbor, New Jersey and beyond.

133-139 Imlay Street

Photos can’t do this justice, but we’ve tried – so look below.

More photos can be found in a 2009 New York magazine article featuring the transformation of this space –

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