Commercial Real Estate

Who We Are

The Jansizian Group is a full service commercial real estate company headquartered in midtown Manhattan.The firm, founded in 1999, provides a full range of commercial real estate services. We represent office and retail tenants, building owners and developers.

Our team of brokers is dedicated to providing superior service to our clients. We tailor our approach to fit the unique requirements of each customer.


To us, representing a customer, means representing a customer. Period!

We start by asking questions, and we keep asking questions until we understand your business, your goals and your real estate requirements.

National Tenants

There is 53,000,000,000* square feet of office space in the United States. We have established relationships with brokers nationwide. Whether you require 1,200 square feet in a suburban market, or 100,000 square feet in a major city, we have up-to-the-minute market facts.

This is how we provide our customers with the single point of service they need.

Tell us what you want.

We will show you ways to achieve it.

Our team has the right expert to help you manage your expectations.