About Us

Founder’s statement

I founded the Jansizian Group in 1999. It was the obvious thing for a maverick like me to do.

I came to NYC in June of 1980 after graduating from Swarthmore College. My intention was to work for 6 months, make some money, and move to Europe.

During those six months in NYC I read an interesting article published by a United Nations agency. Among many demographic facts there was one that hit me very hard: the article claimed that 94% of people die within 10 kilometers (6 miles) of where they are born. When I thought about this I realized that the question that needed asking was: “Who are the 6% that die far from the place of their birth?”

The answer, I realized, was this: the 6% are those that leave home to pursue their dream. From this point of view, New York took on a new significance: I saw the city as a filter that collects people from all over the world who come here to pursue their dreams, what ever they are… to sing, to dance, to write, to make money, whatever they themselves wished.

With this epiphany I realized that I wanted to work and live in New York, so I stayed.

The first business I founded in New York was an interior construction firm. Mostly I built high-end interiors in Manhattan.

In 1985 with a crew, trucks, and a growing reputation for doing good work I had a chance encounter with a real estate broker.

I was renovating four apartments in a walk-up building on lower Second Avenue. My electrician had called-in sick-which meant that he had an audition-and because we were on a dead line I put on a tool belt and went to work making splices. In the early afternoon, when I was on a stepladder, a real estate broker walked on to my job site. He had a prospective buyer with him and he was trying to sell him the building.

I was astonished by what I was seeing and hearing: nearly everything this broker said about the renovation was wrong. He didn’t know the difference between a drainpipe and a water pipe, he didn’t know the difference between circuit breakers and fuses, and he told his customer that the sub-floor was the finish floor. Basically he was an oracle of misinformation.

Two hours later the broker returned and told me to hurry up and finish the job because he had sold the building. I asked him the price and he said $1,400,000. I asked the commission and he said 6%.

I thought about this: a nit-wit was earning $84,000 for selling a building he knew nothing about, and I was earning $15,000 an apartment for managing a substantial renovation.

I decided to explore becoming a real estate broker.

I ended up with a job in the Wall Street office of a national real estate firm. The brokers there were more sophisticated than the guy who I saw sell the building on Second Avenue, but they had the nasty habit of trying to steal each other’s leads. I found it very unpleasant having to watch my back whenever I left the office, so I went to another company.

In the early 90’s, with New York’s real estate market in the doldrums, one of the largest construction companies in NY recruited me to help them find business. I took the job but it was a bad fit: they wanted a corporate guy to be a COG in a big organization; I’m an entrepreneur by nature and I wanted to go out and make deals.

I left the big firm and the big salary and went out on my own and started brokering commercial real estate deals out of my home. One relationship led to another and that to another and soon I had an office on lower Broadway. In a year I had both an office and a bullpen for salesmen and my assistant. In 1999 I incorporated as the Jansizian Group, and in 2004 I moved the firm to midtown.

Since opening the firm I have structured leases for both landlords and tenants including public and private firms, government agencies, not-for-profit enterprises, independent retailers and chain stores. I have also represented both buyers and sellers of buildings and commercial coops and condos.

As I’ve built the firm I have looked for two things in potential brokers: integrity and intelligence. Clearly I’ve succeeded in both: the Jansizian Group has never been sued; and the brokers who work at the company are an impressive group. Some have long careers as entrepreneurs in New York, others came to New York to pursue a new life, and all have college degrees, some from the finest educational institutions in the world including Harvard, Boston College, Swarthmore College and Ovidius University in Romania. We have brokers that can conduct business in the following languages: Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Romanian, and Arabic. To learn more about our impressive staff, please go to the bios page.

Today the Jansizian Group is an established real estate brokerage in New York City. Unlike the broker I met in 1985 our brokers know what they are talking about. Unlike the big-name firm I worked in on Wall Street our files are open, our desks are unlocked, and our brokers, rather than compete with each other, work together and trust each other.

I think we have a rare, even unique, company. If you give us a call and set-up a meeting, I’m sure that you will come to the same conclusion.